Acorn™ Brand Book . . .

The Acorn Brand Identity Guidelines are the basic elements that make up the Acorn brand identity.
Please read it so you’ll get to know us a little better.

Our trademarked logo is a very valuable asset and we must treat it nicely. Please don’t abuse our logo or trademarks as they can’t fight back (our lawyers are a different story though!)

The Acorn™ Logo

When using the Acorn wordmark please use the TM Trademark symbol in the first instance.
The original Acorn logo (from the 70’s) has now been updated to reflect the company’s fresh direction (but is still protected by Trademark so please don’t use it). The new logotypes should be used in all instances.

Primary Logotype Options


In order to preserve the integrity of the Primary Logotype, it is important that no other logos, type or other graphic elements infringe on its space. The minimum clearspace around the logotype is equivalent to the ‘o’ of Acorn.


Acorn green is our hero colour. We use it to clearly signify the presence of Acorn in people’s lives, and to help our users immediately identify us. Use this colour generously, and support it with our subsets or Midnight, Hard Grey and White.

For Use Approval of the Acorn Logo please contact our Media Team, we don’t bite!