Acorn’s Core Values

Acorn produces great products that can help inspire, improve productivity, be fun, and help connect people. Most of all we want to make products that are actually useful, we dont want to just make ‘stuff‘ that sells but serves no purpose.
While producing these products Acorn actively subscribes to a set of Core Values and Management Systems. These values are adopted and promoted across the entire businesses and underpins the way in which we conduct our business, interact with our suppliers, customers and users. See below for more info
The Acorn name has had a strong history in the UK computing industry for 40 years. 


Acorn aims to fly the national flag and give the nome nations a local option when choosing the favourite tech products. 



The Acorn marque has an incredible history created by some of Acorn’s inspiring British pioneers, and we aim to have a progressive future of thinking outside the box, to create real products, that make a real difference.


Whether it’s helping people or companies to get to grips with the latest modern technology, or to use our technology to invent tomorrow’s world, Acorn aims to inspire children, hobbyists and people to do great things.

Integrity & Respect

Acorn aims to together to achieve more through a unified culture and shared knowledge, to have a positive impact through our actions and respect all people, their ideas and cultures.


We are committed to aiming for high quality and performance with the best outcomes for our customers, sales channel partners & supply chain; and making the minimum lasting impact on the environment.

Acorn Management Systems

Acorn is committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality products and services, fit for their intended use and delivered in a way that’s right for you. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Management Systems provide robust and relevant processes to guarantee the performance of our business through its people and staff, endeavouring to continually learn and develop in a way that supersedes all your expectations, and to go above and beyond in everything we do.


Management System

Our aim is to be the UK’s favourite brand of electronics. We’re a highly customer focused organisation, seeking to provide our customers with products fit for their intended use and to the customer’s own specifications. Acorn operates a Quality Management System (QMS) and Environmental Management System (QMS) which exemplifies our best practice approach and acts as a framework for all Acorn business operations and is regularly reviewed by directors.

As a highly customer focused organisation we seek to provide products fit for their intended use and with specifications relevant to your requirements. Our quality system is in place to assist us in the pursuit of these aims and to continually develop products and services focused around you. Through every step of our production process we endeavour to manufacture and supply products of excellent quality.

Acorn’s philosophy is supported through our Quality Management System

• Developing, maintaining and reviewing quality objectives by top management

• Ensuring employee awareness, compliance and adherence to the Quality Management System

• Committing to the continual improvement of our products and processes

• Enhancing customer satisfaction

• Conducting structured Management Reviews, to ensure continued suitability

These are supported and reviewed by top management of the following key performance indicators;

• Supplier performance

• Product conformity

• Response times & delivery lead times

• Costs

• Service level agreements

• Customer satisfaction


Management System

Acorn aspires to be a sustainable organisation which goes beyond sustaining the natural environment on which we depend for our commercial activity, to a long-term goal of restoring the environment in which our projects and operations are placed.

We recognise the impact our activities have on the environment. Our environmental systems have been put into place to ensure we meet all environmental responsibilities and reduce the impact and pollution implemented by our ongoing activities. We’re committed to the development and progression of these systems of impact reductions, ensuring all activities are environmentally and socially responsible.

We maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS), in order to monitor, control and continually improve Environmental performance. We are committed to managing our environmental impact and assuring compliance with legal requirements.

Protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and reduction of impact will be achieved by:

• Gaining a clear understanding of the business’s environmental impact.

• Identification and understanding of all environmental legislation applicable to our activities, products and impacts.

• Implementation of defined controls to ensure legal compliance, pollution prevention and minimisation of impact.

• Commitment of Senior Management to the development and progression of a programme of impact reductions.

• Communication internally throughout the business of environmental policy, controls and programme

• Development of products and services to meet recognised green standards, social responsibilities and market demands.

• Provision of facilities for the processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

• Continued review by Senior Management of environmental performance.

Acorn People

At Acorn, we see people as people. Acorn is committed to building a diverse group of people, working together, in a neutral, welcoming environment, to overcome challenges together and shape Acorn products to benefit everyone.

We celebrate the differences, and celebrate the similarities, but most of all celebrate the fact that by working with a diverse group of talent, we promote a future that is better for everyone.

We endeavour to continually learn, develop and implement the necessary effective strategies to improve the performance of our business, improve productivity, motivation and staff satisfaction whilst enhancing the quality of our products and services.  This means fostering diversity not just at Acorn but throughout our entire ecosystem, from the customers who enjoy using our products to the suppliers and developers we work with.


All of Us, Together

We know our success depends on the strength of our partnerships. Whether we’re working with our employees, our customers, our third party suppliers, the UK Acorn community, partnerships enhance our performance, spark innovation, sustain our communities and deliver lasting value and tackle significant social and environmental challenges that face us all.  By developing and building our partnerships, we can create positive, sustainable solutions for everyone.


Where possible, Acorn aims to implement accessibility features that result in assistive devices that can benefit users with Vision & Hearing impairment, Physical & Motor disabilities, and SEN Learning and Literacy difficulties. 

Equality & Diversity

Our vision of Acorn is as a place where our team, partners, suppliers and customers can be themselves: where no-one feels compelled to conceal elements of their identity for fear of stigma. It also affirms that we understand the value of the social and cultural capital we have in the diversity and equality, and recognise that this is one of our greatest strengths.

Our objectives are to:

  • Establish a ‘net diversity’ of staff across disability, race, age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Take action to achieve outreach and support of individual and collective needs
  • Provide a neutral working environment, and a transparent feedback system to combat grievances.

Supply Chain Responsibility

Making great products, means making them in an ethical way. Many Acorn products are made in overseas factories and we want to make sure that each person in each factory is treated with dignity and respect. We’re stepping up our efforts to ensure all our suppliers – of products, materials and labour – meet high standards in environmental performance, health and safety, employment practices and ethics so you know when you buy an Acorn product, you’re buying a product with a positive impact.

Labour and Human Rights Every supplier is targeted to raise the bar regarding workers rights- we partner with suppliers to drive change to implement ethical treatment of staff.

Bridging the Digital Divide

A fundamental part of the Acorn mission is to aim to help bridge the digital divide and get the 9 million UK residents that don’t currently have access to the internet and digital services. To enable all school children to have access to modern computing and tablet technology that can transform the way they learn and improve the digital skills of the future workforce.

The Dot Everyone scheme

Technology has, and will continue to, disrupt and transform our lives. Yet despite its ever-growing presence, 23% of UK adults don’t possess the Basic Digital Skills necessary to take advantage of it. This means one in five people are unable to do simple things like send a Facebook message, apply for a job online, or pay bills with an app. For some, it means missing out on fun new ways of communicating with family and friends online.

Acorn amins to help bridge the digital divide by providing breakthrough products as accessible pricing to the UK public. For more information on ways to improve your digital skills please visit