Acorn’s History

The Acorn Story

Acorn is one of the UK’s best loved names in electronics. Acorn is responsible for some breakthrough computing products that have changed the course of computing history, as well as kickstarting the ‘Home Computing’ revolution. Many of today’s IT professionals started their journey on ‘an Acorn’.

Today, Acorn aims to be the UK’s favourite name in technology and be the UK champion of electronics.

Inspire Tomorrow’s World

Although the world has changed a lot since 1978, Acorn shares the same vision and ideals from when Acorn was founded. With a fresh, modern identity, Acorn aims to responsibly build amazing and affordable products that improve life today and inspire tomorrows world.

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The Acorn BBC Micro was the first computer I ever used, so it holds a special place in my heart. The Acorn team in the 1980’s accomplished such groundbreaking achievements that didn’t just change Acorn, they changed the world. These pioneers did such incredible things they should be on banknotes and statues around the country!

In the 21st century, Acorn is a name that needs to be at the forefront of the tech industry in the UK, not gathering dust in the history books. We are calling on all British people to champion this historic marque now, in the future, and to be the next change.

Sam Goult Acorn Team

UK Pioneers A Tribute

Acorn flagship products are all named in tribute to the UK pioneers who have pushed forward computing and digital electronics. These incredible people have helped to create the world we live in and Acorn aims to help highlight and celebrate these achievements.

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The BBC Micro

The iconic BBC Micro was a milestone moment and redefined UK computing history (documented in the BBC’s drama Micro Men). Developed by Acorn in the 1980’s, the Micro formed the centrepiece of the “BBC Computer Literacy Project” to help educate people on what computers were, and how to use one. Recently the BBC has launched the Micro:Bit to help kids learn to code.

The Micro was one of the best loved and best selling computers of all time, selling over a million units and claimed 85% of the UK education computing market. For many, it was their first ‘hands on’ experience and the reason they fell in love with computing.

Micros sold


of Education Market


The ARM chip

In the 1980’s Acorn invented the ARM™ architecture (Acorn RISC Machine), a major turning point for digital electronics. ARM ‘chips’ are all around you everywhere you go- with over 100 Billion ARM based chips shipped to date! They are used in everything from cars, planes and space rockets, to phones, tablets, laptops and TVs.

ARM  was developed by Acorn engineers Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber in the 1980’s and is a family of reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architectures. They are used in most electronics due to their high processing speed but low cost and low power consumption. ARM is one of the great success stories of British computing, the result of a collaboration with Apple™, and is now used in the iPhone™ and iPad™!

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Acorn Today

Designing the future

Acorn is passionate about producing products to shake up and challenge the industry. Designing innovative and forward-looking products for Home, for Business and for Education, Acorn products are all created with our secret formula of useful functionality, great experience, breakthrough technology and everyday pricing.


Disclaimer: Acorn Inc Ltd has no affiliation with Acorn Computers Ltd formed in 1978. The Acorn trademark and logo is used under license. All other Trademarks are property of their respecitve owners. The ARM logo is a registered trademark of ARM Holdings Ltd. Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.