No Faffing About

Sounds pretty good

Let Google do it, and Just Talk. Powered by the Google Assistant, the Acorn NFA Phone is perfect if you’ve never got to grips with smartphones, or you want to live minimally to improve your digital wellness.

With a simple ‘Ok Google’ you can ask your assistant questions, tell it to do things, find answers and make plans. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help and its works with lots of your favourite apps, all with your voice.

A new type of Phone

the power of ‘less is more’

Acorn has always strived to bring the UK new & useful technology to improve people’s lives. Now we want to make a little bit of magic…

After years of talking to users about smartphones, the main thing we’ve learnt is that despite major advances, tech is still too complicated. This is a major barrier for all types of people to get the best from life, and can be particularly isolating for elderly people. Getting the best deals, the best information and staying in touch can often be out of reach.

So… our team wanted to make a super simple, yet powerful device that can help people get things done.  By harnessing the power of AI and powerful yet affordable ARM technology we aim to make a futuristic, yet modern tool.

The NFA is a smartphone that’s cut from a different cloth.  Its designed to streamline the usability of a smartphone, giving you the amazing core features, with a minimal & seamless experience.

We need your help! This is a new product category and in the spirit of Acorn’s homebrew community, we would love to crowdsource ideas and suggestions. Our team will review every message and you’ll help us to build a product that can help break down technological barriers and improve people’s lives. Thanks! 

Your AI Phone

voice activate your life with 

Assistant at your service

With a simple ‘Hey Google’ you can ask your assistant questions, tell it to do things, find answers, set reminders and make calls.

It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help and its works with lots of your favourite apps, all with your voice.

Hey Google

complex natural language engines and machine learning means you can

just say what you need

Just Talk

what could be simpler?

Trusted Voice Match

Security as unique as you are

Your voice is as unique as you are, its just like a fingerprint. 

Keep your personal data safe and get personalised responses, just by using your voice!

Design Elegance

small & stylish, simple & powerful

design to improve digital wellness, care and welfare

The NFA is pocket sized and perfectly fits in your hand. It has a very large battery to keep you going when you’re out and about and a simple docking stand to charge up at home. Its always your assistant, at home and away. 

It’s natural fabric pop-on covers give the NFA a homely, tactile feel and vibrant colour finishes let you show off your personality. The ‘invisible’ notification light illuminates through the fabric. 


Its got a small but functional 2.4″ screen to give a  visual supplement to your voice commands.  Great if you’re detoxing on your smartphone addiction, you can escape wasting time on the infinite scroll of your timelines! 

2.4″ Round Display 

320 x 240 pixels

2 Point Multitouch

 Dragontrail® Glass

Trusted Voice & Trusted Places

Voice Match

Earpiece & Loudspeaker

(smart audio toggling)

64 bit Octa Core ARM CPU

32GB Onboard Storage + Micro SD Slot

Powered by Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Voice Control 

Conversational commands

Voice activated

Rear 12MP Digital Camera

Dual LED Flash

5MP Selfie Camera

Fast 4G Downloads

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Internet & eMail

Large 4Ah Li Ion Battery

5 POGO Charging Pins (magnetic)

Docking Charger

3.5MM Headphone Jack

On Body Detection

Proximity Sensor

Industrial Design Overview

Technical Information

*Requires signup for free Google Account, and free downloads. Some services require Network or Wi-Fi connectivity, Location Services, and other personal data to perform. Computer generated images illustrative of device, actual product may vary due to manufacturing processes. Third party devices cannot not supported by our Tech Support Engineers, and we cannot offer compatibility advice.  32GB = 32 Billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less and storage quoted excludes storage occupied by the OS and pre-loaded Apps (3GB). Some apps shown are not pre-loaded but all are available at time of press, some may be chargeable. Acorn is not responsible for functionality of thrid party apps and services. 

Terms and Conditions apply. NFA Phone is currently at concept stage and hence specification is subject to change without notice. 

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