Acorn believes in the power of the smartphone. The capability of computers is unrecognisable from the days of the BBC Micro. The convenience offered by the hundreds of features you get from a smartphone, combined with the potential to add further capabilities by installing apps means that the computer in your pocket is the most powerful and helpful tool most people will ever own.

There are great smartphones already available on the market, but after finding it hard to choose and recommend a smartphone for family and friends to buy, we decided to make our own.

Many modern smartphones offer quite similar functionailty, with some that have a few cherries on top. But with some costing around £1000, and most flagships at around £500, we ask-  at what cost, and most importantly where is the value for most people?

Acorn’s ‘value’ principles for the new Micro C5 are well aligned with this article by independent consumer advisors Which? Its well worth a read when considering what you need from your new smartphone, and how much you want to pay (or how much you can save by making smart choices!)

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